The extraordinary life of Larry the Cat

Today is National Cat Day, so we thought it was important to pay tribute to one of London’s very best felines: Larry the Cat. As 10 Downing Street’s esteemed Chief Mouser, Larry can often be seen slinking around in front of the iconic house, snuggling up to the press, meeting school children and terrorising pigeons. 

Being in the very important position for the past 12 years, Larry was the first mog to be given the official title of Chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office. As a permanent Downing Street resident, his term in office has overlapped with five prime ministers to-date. 

We rounded up five of the best moments from the feline’s extraordinary life. 

1. When Larry outlived four Prime Ministers 

Our longest reigning ruler (apart from Queen Elizabeth, obvs), Larry has survived the tenure of four different PMs. Albeit, some of them may have been rather short-lived (*ahem* Liz Truss), but Larry’s steadfast dedication to keeping Downing Street in check is something to be admired. 

2. When Larry gave a speech at the podium outside 10 Downing Street

Collective groans were heard across the UK when the Cabinet office wheeled out the podium yet again in October 2022, meaning more Prime Ministerial turmoil was on the way. But Larry the Cat stepped up. ‘This nonsense has gone on long enough.’ Larry said, after Liz Truss resigned after only 44 days at the post. Meow!

3. When Larry met Obama 

The former US President was famously charmed by Downing Street’s feline resident when they met in 2011. Being in the presence of someone so charismatic and powerful, we can only imagine how Obama must have felt.  

4. When Larry stood up for refugee rights

‘Sunak’s gone to California on holiday.’ Larry said.  ‘Oliver Dowden (I know you’ve never heard of him, but he’s Deputy PM) thinks he’s running things, but obviously I’m in charge, like always. That means no more nonsense about stopping the boats – I’ve told them to stop the rain!’

5. When Larry donned a very dashing Union Jack bow tie 

Cats are famously very meticulous about their appearance, and Larry is no exception. He was seen strutting around the house in a very cute bow tie during a Downing Street party in 2011. It’s fashion, darling. 

We all know who’s really in charge, and with this guy around the country is in very safe paws. Long live Larry the Cat!

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