The five best shows to book for London Theatre Week

London Theatre Week – which is two weeks long – is now firmly upon us. Read more about it here. But for now we’ve picked out five great offers for you.

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Wicked, from £25

With the film version – or the first half of the film version – finally due to drop later this year, now’s the time to catch up with the smash ‘Wizard of Oz’ musical prequel on stage, or watch it again to refresh your memory. Amidst several reasonably priced long-running West End classics, £25 to see ‘Wicked’ feels like a pretty magical deal. 

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The Mousetrap, from £15

If you’ve ever been curious to see the longest-running play in the entire world then now’s a good time to do it. Even if you end up hating Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit, the tickets with London Theatre Week start at just £15. It’ll probably still be going long after we’re all dead and buried, but tickets are unlikely to be this price again.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, from £30

Although the producers have always sincerely tried to prevent the prices of the Jack Thorne-penned eighth Harry Potter adventure from going too mad, it’s nonetheless been a pricey ticket, especially in the first few years when you had to pay twice (once for each half). Now it’s all much more integrated, and with the London Theatre Week offer you can see the whole epic spectacular from just £30.

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Guys and Dolls, from £27.50

Standing tickets to the Bridge Theatre’s immersive production of the classic musical are already one of London’s great pleasures, and decently priced as it is (it costs more to be boring and sit). But why not have the same fun at a nicer price? £27.50 is a London Theatre Week steal.

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Hey Dolly!, from £25

Imelda Stanton is probably the UK’s greatest musical theatre actress, and ‘Hello, Dolly!’ is one of the all-time great musicals. It doesn’t require a huge amount of imagination to suppose that if you combine the two together, the results will be very good. The show isn’t on until the summer, but £25 a ticket is clearly the best price you’re ever going to get for it, so don’t pass it up.

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London Theatre Week runs until March 3. Go to its homepage here.

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