The new Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has landed and the internet has opinions

Every year, the city of Oslo kindly gifts London with an enormous Christmas tree to stand proudly in Trafalgar Square. In a 75-year-old tradition, the Norwegians give the UK a festive spruce to commemorate Britain’s support for their country during WWII. 

Last year, though, it was safe to say that the tree was a bit… drab. The fir was widely mocked, with people joking that we had ‘upset Norway’ and that it looked ‘fleabitten’ and ‘half-dead’. The 2022 tree has now been revealed, and people have mixed feelings.

When we first saw the 21m-tall beast in a forest to the north of Oslo, the 60-year-old pine tree was looking bushy AF. But it looks like it might have lost a few needles on the way to London, and people are wondering what happened. We rounded up some of the internet’s best reactions below. 

It’s yet to be decorated, so maybe that will spruce the old fella up…