There’s a Salvador Dalí immersive experience opening next week

You’ve been steeped in Van Gogh, dunked in Klimt and plunged in Kahlo, now it’s time to be soaked in Dalí, because the immersive art train just won’t stop chugging along. The latest projection-based extravaganza from the people who allowed you into Frida and Diego’s bedroom will be a journey into the bamboozling mind of Spanish surrealist supremo Salvador Dalí. Using cutting-edge technology to project his works and create interactive installations, ‘Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience’ at The Boiler House on Brick Lane promises to send visitors spiralling through his dizzying world of long-limbed elephants, melting clocks and atomised faces. 

The organisers are calling it ‘a collective metaverse experience’ that ‘allows visitors to enter the metaverse in groups and with complete freedom of movement.’ It’s unclear if anyone, anywhere, knows what that means. 

The installation has already been a hit in Barcelona and now it’s coming over here, hot on the heels of the announcement of a David Hockney immersive experience and all the other immersive stuff that London has been drowning in.

‘Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience’ is at The Boiler House, from Dec 21. More details here.

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