This ‘airspace’ in Battersea is on the market for £10,000

Worried you’ll never be able to afford a house? What if we told you you could buy a plot of airspace instead, and it wouldn’t involve giving up Netflix, flat whites or avocado toast. The airspace above a house in Battersea has gone on the market, and it’s only £10,000. Okay, you might have to build the house yourself, but we call that a bargain. 

The ‘property’ in question is located on 47 Northcote Road. But there is one catch: the building underneath the airspace for sale hasn’t actually been granted planning permission yet. However, the auctioneer Phillip Arnold thinks the space could sell for more. 

Arnold told the BBC that the properties next door and two doors down had been given planning permission to build additional stories. ‘You’d like to think there’s a better chance than most with this,’ he said.

‘The lot being sold is the airspace above with development potential, subject to obtaining any necessary consent required,’ the listing writes. ‘The freeholder will be providing landlords consent to develop at no additional charge to the purchaser.’

The plot of thin air, that is a walk away from Clapham Junction station, is above two self-contained flats and a ground-floor restaurant that is being turned into a café. 

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