This London borough has the most ‘zero’ hygiene takeaway ratings

If you live in Waltham Forest, you might want to think twice about ordering a Deliveroo tonight. The east London borough has been revealed as having the most takeaways with a ‘zero’ rating for hygiene. Pretty grim stuff. 

Across London a whopping 156 fast food outlets have been tarnished with a ‘zero’ hygiene rating. But unfortunately for Waltham Forest residents, a huge portion of them are concentrated there. Out of 877 takeaways in the borough, 47 of them have a zero rating, which is a whopping 15.6 percent of eateries. A further 71 restaurants only had a rating of one and 17 a score of two, MyLondon reported. 

The boroughs of Ealing, Newham and Enfield weren’t much better when it came to food hygiene either. In Ealing 15.2 percent of venues had a score of two or below. 

According to the Food Standards Agency, a hygiene rating of zero means urgent improvement is necessary and one means major improvement is required. The rating takes into account the handling of food, how food is stored, how food is prepared, cleanliness of the facilities and how food safety is managed. It’s safe to say that with a rating of zero, customers who eat at such restaurants could be heading towards a night on the toilet.

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