This Mayfair bar has launched a £220 cocktail

The cost-of-living crisis clearly didn’t hit everyone in quite the same way,

It seems as if regulars at the Revery Bar in Mayfair have still got more than a few pennies to rub together, as the bar has just launched a cocktail that costs a whopping £220. 

Called Maven of Mayfair, you can now order the extremely expensive drink at the Park Lane establishment. It comes in a crystal flute (I mean, you would hope so too), and is made up of Clase Azul tequila, Grand Marnier, Lillet Rose and Italicus bergamot liqueur. So far, so standardly posh, but it’s the edition of Dom Perignon Rose and a sprinkle of edible gold which bumps this booze up to the same price as 220 corner-shop £1 tinnies, 88.8 mini bottles of Jamshed wine, or four and a half full-size bottles of Veuve Clicquot. Oof. 

The Revery Bar can be found on the ground floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane and opened at the end of last year. Far be it from us to suggest that this very, very expensive drink is a PR stunt to draw more eyes to the new-ish opening, but, well, it makes you think, doesn’t it?

The rest of the signature drinks menu isn’t quite as wallet-draining, with The Regent cocktail coming in at £16, and the Rockstar Rocks at £18, while house martinis are priced at £17 – which is pretty standard for the area, and not much more than one might set you back over in Soho. In fact, it’s a whole lot cheaper than the nearby Connaught Bar, where the classic martini is £28 and a Silver Jubilee Rob Roy – created with Macallan Silver Jubilee 1977, Martini Rosso Vermouth from the 1970s, and Angostura Bitter from the same decade – is a mighty £2,210. 

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