This vast new commuter-style map features all of London’s most epic walking and cycling routes

While the capital’s trains and tubes host their share of fresh-faced daily commuters, London’s cycle lanes, parks and promenades are a lifesaver for the city’s commuters craving a bit of green on their way to work. And now, thanks to illustrator and graphic designer Helen Ilus, they have a new map to help them get the most out of their daily journey to work. 

Think you know all of London’s beautiful walks for the weekender or lazy-stroller? Think again. The idea of Ilus’ Greenground Map is to show even the most experienced Londoner a patch of nature they might know know existed. 

While at first glance it appears to be just another earthy toned tube map, upon closer inspection the lines on the new Greenground Map are labelled ‘Thames,’ ‘Regent,’ and ‘Wandle’ (rather than Victoria, Piccadilly, or Jubilee and so on). Each line represents a different path that intentionally passes through a park or open space, and they’re colour coded to represent the type of terrain and provide directional cues in lieu of a traditional north-south-east-west, landmark heavy landscape. 

Here’s the new map in all its glory.

London Greenground Map
Image: ©Helen Ilus

Although the Greenground Map has existed for some time, this new third edition is meant to educate city-dwellers about ongoing projects to preserve the city’s endangered green spaces, which are identifiable via little icons (they’ve kindly included a key in the bottom-right hand corner to explain what everything means).

According to City Hall, London is one of few cities to be made up of nearly 50 percent green and blue spaces, and the team behind this map intends to keep it that way. Other highlighted areas include bird-watching spots, quiet spaces, and clean air spaces. 

So the next time the sun dares pop its head out, or you don’t feel like awkwardly lurching up the bus steps, pile your tote bags into the basket of a cycle and take your daily commute to the streets. You can find out more about the latest Greenground map here

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