Time Out’s biggest London news stories of 2023

2023 was a big year for London. And while, sure, this city rarely has years that aren’t big, this felt more sizeable than most. Alongside tonnes of fab exhibitions, theatre shows and new restaurants, we had the pomp of a coronation, the joy of a packed summer festival season, openings, re-openings and everything in between. 

But which were the biggest news stories of 2023? Nearing the end of the year, now’s the time to look back. Without further ado, there were Time Out’s most-read London news pieces of 2023.  

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1. Train strikes 

Industrial action strike sign
Photograph: Zeynep Demir Aslim / Shutterstock.com

Train strikes weren’t exclusive to 2023 (they’ve been dragging on since summer 2022), but this was an entire year of disputes. So, naturally, Londoners were keen to find out who was on strike, when they were walking out and how we could best navigate the disruption. Our big ol’ regularly-updated guide had all the answers. 

Find out more and read the full article here.  

2. Waltham Forest being named the UK’s best place to raise a family 

Walthamstow, London, UK
Photograph: Shutterstock

London’s full of delightful places, and loads of Londoners reckon their area is best. Back in October Waltham Forest was named the UK’s best place to raise a family, which, naturally, provoked quite a bit of debate. 

Find out more and read the full article here.  

3. Two London neighbourhoods being named the UK’s best places to live 

A pretty similar debate to the Waltham Forest one: in November lifestyle website Muddy Stilettos named two London areas as Britain’s finest to live in. And neither of them have tube stations! Imagine that. 

Crouch End, London
Photograph: Shutterstock

Find out more and read the full article here.

4. The grim reason why parakeets are disappearing from London 

The past couple of years have seen London’s parakeet population drop massively. The cause? Well, it’s both a bit grim and simply mother nature’s way. Find out more below. 

Find out more and read the full article here.

5. You need to earn this much to be happy in London, apparently

British pounds
Photograph: shana espinoza / Shutterstock.com

London can be (and often is) a very expensive place to live. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when a study found that the amount you need to earn to be happy in the capital is rather high. Hint: it’s much higher than the average wage. 

Find out more and read the full article here.

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