What’s going on with Oxford Street’s massive new Ikea store?

Good things come to those who patiently assemble… or, in this case, wait. Even if it means waiting pretty much an entire decade. First hinted at back in 2015 and then slated to open on London’s most iconic shopping street in autumn 2023 (ie right about now), Oxford Street’s massive Ikea feels like it’s been forever in the making.

The site has seen several delays and (as pictured above) is now covered in a massive Ikea-style shopping bag. So, what’s going on with the Oxford Street Ikea? What’s with the bag and when’s it supposed to open? 

The bag, as you may have guessed, is no more than a marketing stunt. In covering the store-to-be in one of the brand’s famous giant blue bags, Ikea is both offering a playful hint at what’s to come and handily covering up quite a lot of scaffolding and building work. 

Inside, Ikea is apparently undertaking major works to the building. Notably, the Swedish brand is opting for renewable energy by replacing gas-fired boilers with eco-friendly air-source heat pumps. The finished store will be spread over 82,000 square feet and six floors, and will include everything from retail spaces and offices to a market hall and Swedish deli (with, we expect, the all-important meatballs). 

As for the opening date, the news isn’t so good. While Ikea Oxford Street was slated for autumn 2023, its opening date has now been pushed back to autumn 2024. Lovers of cheap furniture and tasty meatballs in the West End, you’ll have to wait a little while yet. 

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