You can get bargain pastries galore at London’s first Greggs outlet store

Greggs is an oasis of bargainous food in an increasingly pricy city, famed for lifting Londoners’ spirits with flaky £1.15 sausage rolls and pretty pastel-tinted doughnuts. So it seems kind of weird that it’s now opening an outlet shop that serves up even cheaper wares. But in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, it makes sense to make sure that not a crumb goes to waste.

The freshly launched outlet is in Newham, east London, and it’s one of 30 cut-price Greggs up and down the country. Its wares are sourced from other branches around the city. Some are items unsold at the end of the day, some are factory misshapes, some are being discontinued and some are surplus to requirements. But they’re all much cheaper than regular Greggs bakes, costing up to 75 percent less than normal. A sign in the window of the Newham branch promises a cold sandwich and a coffee for £2.70: you’d pay four times that at Gail’s and you’d probably have to queue for the privilege. 

Greggs in Newham
Photograph: Jonathan Perugia

Greggs generally opens its outlets in less affluent neighbourhoods, providing cheaper food to people who need it most. A share of its profits is donated to local community groups. It’s another canny move from the Newcastle-based bakery, which has done loads to win Londoners’ loyalty this year, including offering Festive Bake Brunches with unlimited pastries and booze, opening a mega-branch in Leicester Square, and even launching a pop-up inside the Oxford Street Primark.

London’s very own bargain bakery chain Percy Ingle folded in 2020, closing branches in neighbourhoods including Newham, and making this city into a golden-crusted opportunity for expansion. It’s Greggs’s city now; we’re all just living in it.

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