A landmark local pub in Stockwell is closing for good

The FTSE may be on the up, but economic buoyancy isn’t helping London’s troubled pubs. The capital continues to haemorrhage landmark boozers, and the latest victim is a much-loved Lambeth local.

The Clapham North announced on its Instagram account that it was closing down permanently on March 26 after 20 years. In a statement, it said: ‘Unfortunately our lease is expiring and no matter how much we fought, we couldn’t get a new one.’

It added: ‘We are SO proud of the North and we know how much it means to the local folk of Clapham: a good old-fashioned, dependable local and the queen of the “not out-out but out” kind of nights!⁠’

Until 2003, the pub was called The Bedford Arms, and was a typical London local in the Northern line SW commuter interzone. It reopened as The Clapham North, the first in what later become the Livelyhood group of south London pubs, and was popular with Aussie ex-pats. It had a quiz, sports and ‘Roastman Pat’ in the kitchen, slinging out his famous yorkshire-pudding wraps.

Following the demise of several London Wetherspoons last year, its closure is a further sign that even chains in relatively affluent areas of the capital are still struggling to make pubs a success.

Worryingly, the Clapham North’s Insta points you to fellow Livelyhood pub The Perky Nel ‘just up the road’, only The Perky Nel’s account ‘isn’t available’. So hopefully there’s not more bad news to come for the drinkers of SW9.

The Clapham North, 409 Clapham Rd, SW9 9BT. Open until Mar 26.

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