A massive ‘urban theme park’ is coming to east London

Living in the middle of London is great. You’re near loads of good food places, you have dozens of options for places to socialise with friends, and you’re never far from a Pret. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking: ‘I do love city living, I just wish it was easier to get to a theme park,’ then today’s your lucky day, as a brand new urban theme park is opening in the city itself. Called Gravity MAX, it’ll be in Stratford Westfield.

We’ll get the bad news out of the way: there are no actual rollercoasters at this theme park. We know, we know, but don’t grab your pitchforks just yet. To start, there’s no admission fee, so even if you don’t enjoy your time, you won’t have wasted the £45 it usually costs to get into a regular theme park.

So what does Gravity have then? Think 2024. Think modern. Think three floors of immersive VR stuff, a karaoke experience where you can try your luck on the Voice, and London’s biggest arcade. Think high speed racing simulators and digital darts. This is contemporary entertainment, baby.

Gravity MAX Stratford will be the fourth urban park from Gravity, its parent company. You can find the other three in Castleford, Liverpool and Wandsworth. If you’re not super into augmented realities, don’t worry, there’s a good old fashioned bar for you to head to if/when you get bored. 

According to Harvey Jenkinson, Gravity’s CEO, the attraction will be perfect for ‘all ages and interests, whether it’s a day of family fun or an exciting night out with friends or coworkers’.

Gravity MAX will open its doors in early May, just in time for spring. For more info have a look on their website here

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