A Queen Elizabeth II memorial garden is coming to Regent’s Park

Queen Elizabeth II meant a heck of a lot to countless Londoners. And while at the moment there aren’t really any notable memorials to the late monarch in the capital, that’s all set to change over the next few years. On top of rumours that a statue of Queen Liz might sit on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth, it’s recently been confirmed that she’ll be getting a memorial garden in Regent’s Park. 

Plans for Queen Liz’s garden include over two acres of trees, plants, flowers, paths and more. It’ll have a big pond, pergola, meadow and lookout tower, while the species of plant will be chosen to include those that were significant in the late Queen’s life and reign. A straight path down the middle of the garden will apparently represent ‘the late Queen’s unwavering loyalty and service’. 

Here is another render of plans for the garden. 

Queen Elizabeth II commemorative garden in Regent’s Park
Image: HTA Design

The garden will sit on the site of a plant nursery that was once used to grow shrubs and plants for the Royal Parks but was decommissioned in 2018. It’ll be behind the Espresso Bar on the Broad Walk, on the eastern side of the park. 

So, when could all this become reality? Well, the disused nursery’s greenhouses will need to be demolished before any work can begin on the garden. Construction is expected to begin later this year, with the park intended to be complete by 2026 – which would’ve been the year of the late Queen’s 100th birthday.

The garden is currently still in its planning stages. You can find out more about it and have your say in a consultation on the Royal Parks website here

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