An ex-cannabis farm is up for sale in north London

In the latest of London’s bizarre property listings, this week we bring you a flat in Finchley that doubles up as a weed farm. The property, which comes with reflective-lined walls, pots filled with soil and plenty of ceiling fans, is being auctioned off for £275,000.

In the refreshingly honest listing on Auction House London, it says: ‘The property has been recently used to grow cannabis and requires a program of refurbishment.’ As well as the tinfoil wallpaper, the photos show a chaotic network of massive pipes running through the walls, wires dangling from the ceiling and a debris of cannabis leaves all over the floor. 


Cannabis farm London
Photograph: Auction House London


It is illegal to grow any part of the cannabis plant, a class B drug, in the UK, and doing so could get you up to 14 years in prison. 

At under £300,000, the property is comparatively cheap compared to other London homes on the market. The two-bed flat comes with a 117-year leasehold and planning permission from Barnet Council and the freeholder’s consent to convert the existing loft and flat into two one-bedroom flats.

A spokesperson from Auction House London told the Jewish Chronicle that the growing equipment hasn’t been cleared from the flat and won’t likely be before the auction on March 15. ‘A client of ours decided an auction was the best way to dispose of the property. As long as the price is right, people will buy it,’ he said.

The Auction House added that cleaning the property was ‘not the auction house’s responsibility’. It added: ‘We believe in giving our buyers all the information they need to make an informed decision, and it is important to provide a fair representation of the property in its current form. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty in all our dealings and maintain our high standards, even with properties that may have a controversial past.’

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