Asda is opening five new stores in London this month

Food shopping in London can be pretty damn expensive. With all the mini supermarkets, pricey organic stores and corner shops, it can be a struggle to find any affordable places to buy groceries. So Londoners will be happy to hear that Asda, one of the more affordable supermarkets out there, is opening five new stores in the capital this month. 

Asda will open five outlets of Asda Express – the brand’s new-ish chain of smaller convenience stores – in Hornchurch, Crouch End, Dagenham, Horsham and Denham. To the excitement of many, the retail chain opened its first Asda Express in Tottenham back in 2022. Previously, Asda was only known for running big supermarkets. 

The green supermarket chain plans to open 470 new stores across the UK by the end of March – and it has already acquired 132 convenience stores from Co-op. This comes as Asda has laid out ambitious plans to overtake Sainsbury’s and become the second largest supermarket chain in the UK (behind Tesco).

And Asda isn’t the only supermarket chain expanding in the capital. Just this week Lidl announced it would be opening a huge new outlet in south London, while Aldi also has long-term plans to add nearly a dozen more London stores.  

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