Canary Wharf is getting a fancy new drawbridge after four years of planning

A cool new pedestrian bridge is set to built in Docklands, after four years of planning debate. 

Originally announced back in 2018, the structure will cross South Dock on the Isle of Dogs. The bridge was originally meant to be 25 metres long, connecting the business-y Canary Wharf to the more residential South Quay neighbourhood. 

In 2021, a new application was submitted with few notable differences from the previous one. For one, what was once going to be a pedestrian and cycle bridge, will now only be for pedestrians. Sources now say that the bridge will be, ‘approximately 35 metres long’ which is ten more metres than it was planned to be back in 2018. It will also open up to allow large boats to pass through it. 

According to Tower Hamlets Council, the structure will create new jobs and give better access between South Quay and Canary Wharf. Whether they are able to execute this is still up in the air but construction is due to start in 2023, with the latest opening date for the bridge in 2024.

However, the council, who is also the applicant, needs to get a final green light for the planning application later this week. The meeting for this will take place on Thursday December 1.

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