East London is getting a brand-new pedestrian bridge

East Londoners, we have some travel news. And no, it’s not more Overground closures, nor another update on the Blackwall Tunnel. For once, it’s good news. Yep, really!

Getting around your east London ends on foot is about to get a whole lot easier, as councillors have just given the green light to a brand-new footbridge crossing the River Lea.

The 63-metre steel bowstring arch bridge will cross the River Lea at Aisla Wharf, instigating a ‘well-needed connection’ between the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham. The opening of the bridge will make it easier for locals to reach several of the area’s most-visited spots, including the Olympic Park – particularly great for West Ham fans – and nightclub FOLD. 

The bridge is set to be only for pedestrians and cyclists, as councils continue efforts to reduce car traffic and ‘support healthier and environmentally friendlier lifestyles’. The crossing will also mean that residents of the area can reach both boroughs’ public transport offerings more easily. 

Aisla Wharf new pedestrian bridge
Image: Knight Architects

Sorting out the funding might be a bit of an issue, though. Concerns have been raised about which borough will take on the financial burden of looking after the bridge. 

The plans for the bridge were approved this week by Tower Hamlets council and are set to be given the seal of approval by Newham later in the year. Tower Hamlets Council’s plans indicate that builders will get cracking on the project within the next three years.

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