Here are all the start times and waves for the London Marathon

You know you’re reaching your thirties when all your friends announce they’re training for marathons. But whether you think it’s a clear marker of a quarter-life crisis, or an amazing physical feat (really, it’s both), there’s no doubt that watching athletes stagger across the finish line at the London Marathon is pretty exciting.

As the big day approaches – this year’s race falls on Sunday April 21 – it’s important for runners and spectators to get to grips with all the different start times (it would be impossible for all 50,000 runners to start at once). Here’s everything you need to know about the London Marathon waves in 2024. 

Your winning guide to the 2024 London Marathon.
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How many waves are there at the start of the London Marathon?

London Marathon hasn’t said exactly how many waves there will be at Sunday’s race. 

What are the wave start times?

The race kicks off at around 8.30am with professional athletes leading the way. The masses then set off in waves. From 10am to 11.30am a sequence of start waves will take place, with short gaps in between to allow the course ahead to clear. All start lines will be closed by 11.30am. 

Start waves and times are allocated based on runners’ predicted finish time, which they will have given to organisers ahead of time.

Where does the London Marathon start and finish?

The London Marathon starts in Greenwich Park and finishes on The Mall

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