First look: inside the Central Line’s fancy new refurbished trains

If you ride the Central Line regularly, you’ve probably noticed that it’s had fewer trains than normal recently. That’s because old red has been undergoing a £500 million makeover of late, with all 85 of its trains due to get a revamp by 2029. The first pics of the new Central Line trains have just dropped, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

The newly refurbished trains feature more reliable motors, better accessibility, improved customer information and what you’ve all been waiting for… a fresh new moquette. Each carriage is also fitted with CCTV cameras, marking the first time CCTV has been installed on trains on the red line. 

During the renovations, Central Line trains will be stripped down to the frames, with every other part either replaced or improved. The floors are removed, new poles installed and new driving systems put in place. The wiring within the trains will also be totally revamped, with new power sources and control systems alongside the two CCTV cameras that will be in each carriage. This is all topped off with new lighting, seats and improved doors. Talk about a glow up. 

Close up of the new Central line train seats with a new moquette
Photograph: TfL

Sadiq Khan has been spotted on one of the new chuggers, which is currently stationed at Hainault depot as it finishes live testing on the railway. 

Once the testing is finished, one train will be returned to service per month after renovations are complete. The entire project will take at least six years to complete, with only five trains being taken out of service at a time. All 85 of the Central line tubes will be renovated by 2029. 

‘These newly refurbished Central Line trains will improve the experience of commuters and will now have CCTV, meaning customers can travel more comfortably and safely on the line, complementing the 77,000 CCTV cameras already in place across London’s transport network,’ Sadiq Khan said. ‘These overhauled trains will improve safety, accessibility and reliability for Londoners.’

Sadiq Khan on a new Central line train
Photograph: TfL

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