This west London train station is the quietest in the capital

This city is a busy place, with thousands of train journeys ferrying Londoners in, out and across the capital all day, every day. But not every railway station is a bustling hub with packed platforms and ticket-barrier queues. Some exist in much quieter pockets of London.

But which train station is the quietest of them all? Well, for yet another year, it’s Drayton Green Station in Ealing. The west London station saw a mere 16,082 entries and exits over 12 months, according to the Office for Rail and Road. 

When you compare that to the gobsmacking 80 million who tapped through Liverpool Street, London’s busiest station over the same period, those are some pretty meagre numbers. 

So, why Drayton Green so quiet? The lack of visitors is largely because it’s served by Great Western Railway, and doesn’t run to central London. It’s also in zone four, unstaffed, and doesn’t have a ticket office – no wonder it’s not packed. 

All but one of the ten quietest locations have welcomed less than 100,000 visitors this year. Here is the full list of London’s sleepiest stations. 

The 10 quietest train stations in London

  1. Drayton Green (16,082)
  2. Sudbury and Harrow Road (19,778)
  3. South Greenford (20,706)
  4. Sudbury Hill Harrow  (47,630)
  5. Morden South (60,938)
  6. Castle Bar Park (66,670)
  7. Birkbeck (71,244)
  8. Reedham (97,464)
  9. Coulsdon Town (99,896)
  10. Crews Hill (103,948)

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