First look: this London exhibition shows off brand-new King Charles III banknotes

After the coronation of King Charles III, some of the biggest changes to everyday life in the UK concerned how and where we’d see his face. After all, the monarch’s mug is everywhere, from passports to stamps. When, for instance, would King Charlie find himself on our coins and banknotes – and what might that cash look like?

Following the release of the first coin designs with Charles’ face on back in December 2022 and the Royal Mint’s release of Charlie-inspired coins last year, now new King Charles III banknotes are set to go into circulation. Before they officially go out, however, you’ll be able to get a sneak peek of what they look like thanks to a new exhibition.

Called ‘The Future of Money’, the exhibition will be at the Bank of England Museum. It’ll explore lots of futuristic topics around money and payment systems (crypto and artificial intelligence both feature) but, importantly, it’ll offer the public the chance to see King Charles III on UK notes for the first time. 

Here are a couple more pics of the new notes.

New banknotes with King Charles III
Image: Bank of England Museum
New banknotes with King Charles III
Image: Bank of England Museum

While King Charles banknotes will start being issued sometime later this year, ‘The Future of Money’ opens on February 28 and will run all the way through to September 2025. It’s also completely free, and you won’t need an advance ticket. You can find out more on the Bank of England Museum website here.

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