Here’s how you can get super-cheap pints at Rugby World Cup screenings in London

The Rugby World Cup is great and all, but we all know what it leads to: boozing, and lots of it. And pints are pretty bloomin’ spenny right now – a day spent watching the rugby can leave a pretty deep dent in your finances.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we here at Time Out are out to help by offering readers some very, very cheap pints indeed. We can get you a pint – a proper, full, nice one in a pub – for just £3.50. Yep, £3.50! That’s half the price of some other (admittedly expensive) places. 

So how’d you get your mitts on this deal? Well, that bit’s simple. All you need to do is to sign up to Time Out’s Out Here newsletter. That’ll get you and a mate a £3.50 pint each at Dockside Vaults in St Katharine Docks, where every World Cup game is being showed without fail. 

Each person can sign up for two tickets, so get all your mates involved. And we’ve got enough vouchers for up to 200 people per game which, trust us, is more than enough. If you don’t drink, that’s cool, too – soft drink alternatives will be available.

A ticket and a pint per match usually costs £5, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. You can sign up for Out Here below – an email on cheap pint instructions will be sent soon after you register.


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