How to get around London during the rail and TFL strikes

Strikes are hitting London’s transport network once more, as part of a season of industrial action across the UK, and it’s tempting to give up on the idea of leaving the house completely. But although life’s going to be a bit tougher for commuters this week, it’s not impossible. Here’s a handy rundown of what to expect during the days ahead, and how to keep your life on track amid the transport disruption.

How to get around London this week during the train and tube strikes

The biggest disruption will come on Wednesday, when the tube will be out of action, followed by disruption to rail services later in the week: but there will still be DLR and Overground services running throughout, while trusty buses will be trundling their way through this city’s streets. 

Public transport on Wednesday 15th March

The tube will be fully out of action, due to strikes by London Underground drivers and station staff. You can still get the Elizabeth line, DLR, and Overground services, but bear in mind that some stations may be closed, and there’ll be much more congestion than usual as travellers scramble to get around the city. Bus and tram services will also be running as usual, but again, prepare for them to be rammed.

Public transport on Thursday 16th March

Tube services will start again, but not until late morning, so don’t count on them for your commute to work. There was originally a Network Rail strike planned for this day: it won’t be going ahead now, but union members at 14 train operators are still planning to walk out. That means that some trains in and out of London are likely to be cancelled or delayed. The Elizabeth line will operate with a reduced service. It’s possible that there’ll also be minor disruption on the Overground.

Public transport on Friday 17th March

Services on Network Rail, the Elizabeth line, Overground are likely to continue to experience some disruption until late morning. Tube, buses and trams will run as normal.

Public transport on Saturday 18th March

The main disruption on this day will be on the outer reaches of the Elizabeth line: services won’t be running between Shenfield and Brentwood before 7am and after 11pm, or between Maidenhead and Reading before 7am and after 7pm. All other TfL services will run as usual.

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