Leon are bringing back their much-missed fish finger wrap

If you’ve had the pleasure of working in a central London office over the past 15 years, you will have likely have popped into a branch Leon for lunch.

For years their fish finger wrap was a go-to staple; cod fingers, gherkins and tartare sauce all packed up neatly in a grilled Khobez flatbread. Then, one day in 2021, it was no more. White-shirted city workers could be seen weeping in the streets, and more than one HR manager pumped their fist at the heavens, yelling ‘why have you forsaken us?’

The Leon team obviously heard the weeping from those left bereft, and have revealed that the original recipe wrap will be returning to stores from June 28, as part of this year’s summer menu. 

Hopefully the people who once tweeted the following will be happy about the news: 

‘Scenes at Leon. Fish finger wrap is off the menu. It’s the ONE thing worth going in there for, it DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

‘TERRIBLE NEWS. Leon have stopped doing the fish finger wrap. This is exactly the kind of change I fear.

‘I’ll never forgive Leon for getting rid of the fish finger wrap. What are they good for? The jerk chicken is TRASH.

Be warned: the recipe might not have changed, but the price has. Leon’s fish finger wrap will now be £7.49. 

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