London is officially the most aesthetic city in Europe

London’s architectural make-up is exceptionally varied, from the English Baroque grandeur of St Paul’s Cathedral to the towering twenty-first-century feat that is the Shard. And that same jumbled profile is demonstrated through London’s homes: whether you’re a lover of St Luke’s Mews or you’re excited for the new, futuristic development on Bankside, there’s something here for everyone. 

So it’s no surprise, really, that London has officially been named the UK’s most aesthetic city. That title came from a study by Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance, which used Pinterest to determine the UK cities with the most beautiful homes. The company searched for the number of pins with the tag ‘[city] homes’ and combined it with the number of boards to get an aesthetic score out of 10.

While Pinterest is undoubtedly the internet’s authority on all things aesthetic, it’s worth noting that a city’s overall size was not factored in. London is, of course, the biggest city in the UK, and therefore has the biggest number of homes. What’s more, this research considered Birmingham more aesthetic than Edinburgh – taste in architecture is obviously subjective, but come on. 

That being said, London’s impressive pin count of nearly 85,000 was seven times bigger than that of Bristol, the second runner-up in the UK, which has 14,600 pins. It also soared above stats for Paris and Berlin, which had around 30,000 pins respectively, making it the most aesthetic city in all of Europe. 

Here are the top 10 most aesthetic cities in the UK, according to Pinterest. 

  1. London (9.63/10)
  2. Bristol (9.15/10)
  3. Birmingham (8.52/10)
  4. Sheffield (8.34/10)
  5. Edinburgh (8.15/10)
  6. Manchester (7.97/10)
  7. Glasgow (7.45/10)
  8. Plymouth (7/10)
  9. Hull (6.82/10)
  10. Coventry (6.63/10)

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