London is officially the world’s most desirable place to travel for Christmas

Over Christmas, Londoners tend to flee the city, schlepping back to their family homes in far-flung parts of the UK with much worse public transport, and not a natural wine bar in sight. But what if we told you that the Big Smoke is the most desirable spot worldwide for Christmas tourism? Perhaps Londoners would think twice about heading home for the Yuletide break with all this festive glory right on their doorsteps. 

According to a survey generated using Google search data, London is the place where most people want to travel for a Crimbo holiday. And why wouldn’t they? With tonnes of dazzling Christmas trees, festive theatre shows and light displays, a stint in the Big Smoke is guaranteed to give you all the festive feels. 

In research by, ‘Christmas in London’ and ‘things to do in London for Christmas’ were found to be the top searches for Christmas holidays in 20 countries including Spain, Netherlands, Canada, and AustraliaVienna was the second most searched city, being a popular destination for people from Italy, Germany and the USNew York and Paris came in joint third place, followed by Budapest, Madrid and Prague

So there you have it, Brits don’t have to travel very far at all to be at one of the most popular festive locations in the world. Aren’t we lucky?

Did you see that Smithfield Market’s Christmas meat auction is back for 2023?

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