Londoners are Britain’s worst Uber passengers, apparently

How often do you slam the door when getting out of an Uber? Or loudly play your own music? You might want to think about the consequences of your actions, because it turns out Londoners are some of the worst-rated Uber riders in the country. 

According to data released by Uber, London passengers in 2023 had an average rating of 4.72 stars. It might not sound that bad, but Uber ratings rarely dip below 4.5. The second-worst passengers in the UK were from Birmingham, with an average rating of 4.76. While the riders with the highest scores came from Merseyside, boasting an admirable average score of 4.9 stars. 

Here’s the full list of Uber rider ratings from 2023:

  • Merseyside – 4.9
  • Cambridge and East Anglia – 4.89
  • Stoke – 4.88
  • Brighton and Sussex – 4.86
  • Edinburgh – 4.86
  • Sheffield – 4.85
  • Cardiff – 4.85
  • Oxford – 4.84 
  • Glasgow – 4.83
  • Leeds – 4.82
  • Manchester – 4.82
  • Nottingham – 4.82
  • Leicester – 4.81
  • Birmingham – 4.76
  • London – 4.72

Londoners might want to pull their socks up, as drivers have listed some of the reasons why they might give lower ratings. Slamming the door, rude or aggressive passengers, and eating while in the car are all big Uber faux pas. That means no sloppy kebabs after a night out. Drivers also weren’t happy with passengers drinking booze in the car, asking to smoke with the window open or not fastening their seatbelts. 

We recently looked into why it’s so hard to get an Uber in London at the moment, and drivers told us they’re less likely to pick up passengers who had a lower rating. They’re also likely to avoid you if you’re drunk, or if you’re asking to be picked up in a busy late-night area of the city, like Soho

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