Plans have been revealed for a massive glow-up of the Strand

The Strand used to be the thriving centre of London’s book trade, its Victorian buildings filled with publishing houses and booksellers. After that, the spot became super affluent throughout the twentieth century thanks to its proximity to the West End and Covent Garden.

However, given that offices haven’t returned to their full capacity since the pandemic, the area has become a bit… well, vacant. But hopefully that won’t be the case for much longer. The Strand clearly has lots of potential thanks to its location, and now it’s been officially revealed that the area is getting a massive glow-up. 

Westminster City Council, Transport for London and The Northbank BID have formed a partnership to upgrade the Strand over the next five years. The ‘Strand West Taskforce’ did some research and produced a report explaining how all the empty ground floor space could be put to much better use. 

According to this proposal, the area between Trafalgar Square to Lancaster Place, which actually includes the Strand, the Western and Northern Strand, Villiers Street and the Victoria Embankment Gardens, is all set to be revitalised. 

But what will they actually be doing? Well, it sounds like developers are keen to make the Strand an exciting destination in its own right by upping the ante on the restaurant and shopping front. 

Firstly, developers have proposed an events programme and a pop-up programme to attract people to the area, and create a bit of buzz. While it’s got Covent Garden to compete with on the shopping front, a rotation of smaller independent businesses sounds like an exciting idea to give the Strand a refresh, particularly for all the students living in the area

As it stands, the area consists almost exclusively of fast-food cafes and lunch places, but another part of the proposal is to increase the number of alfresco dining spots, which should be a good way to showcase the historic architecture. 

As well as ensuring The Strand still attracts office workers, developers are keen to improve the residential amenities too, and to make it feel more like an actual neighbourhood for the people that live around there. 

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