Snow will hit London again next week: here’s the exact date deep freeze is expected

After weather forecasters ummed, ahhed and argued about whether it would actually snow in London this week, we did eventually get some of the chilly white stuff on Monday (January 8) – even if most of the city only saw a very, very light dusting. 

But now it’s been predicted again that London will see some snow, and this time forecasters are a little surer about it. The Met Office has said that next week ‘disruptive’ and ‘impactful’ snow could strike the UK, with London also potentially getting some. 

Next week temperatures are expected to plummet below freezing, with Monday (January 15) predicted to be the coldest day. We could see the mercury fall as low as -3C. Get yer long johns out, we say. 

The snow, meanwhile, is likely across both central and southern England, with snow showers and sleet expected throughout the afternoon and evening of Wednesday January 17

On Thursday (January 11) evening, the Met Office said snow would be most disruptive in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but that there is ‘the potential for some substantial snow elsewhere’.

As always, it’s worth taking such an early forecast with a pinch of salt – these predictions are very likely to change. You can keep an eye on the ever-changing Met Office forecast here

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