St Paul’s is getting a new public square

The roads north of St Paul’s cathedral, AKA the gyratory, are set for a makeover. The area is being transformed into an open-space square, and the City of London has already approved the project.

The construction will hopefully begin in 2025, which seems drastically far but it’s only a year and a half away (scary stuff), and further planning is still needed. The public square will be 3000 sq m and has a weighty estimated cost of somewhere in the vicinity of £16m. 

The pedestrianisation of part of the gyratory will hopefully reduce the local traffic, while improving air quality and road safety. These roads were built in the 1970s and the specific area that will be transformed is between the old Museum of London and St Paul’s underground station. To counter these closures a new two-way lane will be added on Newgate Street and from St Martin Le Grand up to its junction with Angel Street. 

The revamp fits nicely with London’s ambition to have more open spaces. This currently unnamed site will be bigger than Aldgate Square. The competition of the open spaces has begun. The area’s designs will apparently compliment the already-green space of the Christchurch Greyfriars Church Garden.  

The square will be filled with seating areas, further greenery and night lights, perfect for recreational hanging out and work breathers! Can’t wait.

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