The Central Line’s swanky refurbished trains come into service this month

Three cheers for the new trains on the Central Line! The red line has been looking a little haggard as of late. With saggy seats, peeling adverts and threadbare cushion fabric, it’s in dire need of some TLC. Thank goodness its refurbished trains are coming into service this month. 

The Central line has been undergoing a £500 million makeover, with the first renovated trains hitting the Underground tracks from the end of November this year. All of the line’s 85 trains will get a 10-week-long do up which will include fitting CCTV cameras and most excitingly… a brand new seat pattern. 

Say goodbye to the ‘Barman’ moquette, designed by textile makers Wallace & Sewell. The Central line’s new moquette is being kept under wraps and is likely to be revealed when the first new train arrives. 

The tubes will also have their wheels replaced, which can apparently lose up to 20cm of material from years of friction agains the rails. 

First entering service in 1992, this glow-up is likely to extend the trains lives by ‘15 to 20 years’, according to Colette Farrer, head of capital delivery for London Underground.

One of the biggest renovations in TfL’s history, it will take until 2029 for the refurb to be completed on all 85 trains. 

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