The first 100 percent electric long-distance coach service will soon launch in England and Wales

Compared to planes or cars, coach travel is already a pretty green way of getting around. But soon in England and Wales coach travel is going to get even greener, as one long-distance operator is soon launching what it says is the countries’ first 100 percent electric coach route. 

The completely electric vehicles will be launched by low-cost long-distance coach operator Flixbus, which is best known for its affordable cross-continental routes. The green coaches will run in a three-month trial between London, Bristol and Newport. 

Flixbus says the buses are zero-emission and that they’ll save 352kg of carbon emissions per day driven on the route compared to diesel-fuelled equivalent coaches. A partnership with Newport Transport, the trial kicks off on March 21 and will last for three months.

About the 100 percent electric buses, Flixbus UK managing director Andreas Schorling said: 

‘This is a huge step forward for the UK coach sector, transforming the already low-carbon mode of transport to zero-emission at the tailpipe through innovative technology. 

‘As the first electric long-distance coach service in England and Wales, we’re sending a powerful message about our continued commitment to bring even more sustainable travel options for the public, and our determination to drive forward the change needed to reduce the impact on the climate.’ 

Each eco-friendly coach will have 46 seats with USB charging points and free wi-fi, plus a loo. Ticket prices start from just £2.99, and you can book on the Flixbus website here

Time Out and green travel in the UK

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