The No Trousers Tube Ride is happening again this January

This January, get ready to break all societal norms by riding the tube without your trews. The annual ‘No Trousers Tube Ride’ is taking place again this year. 

What the blinking hell is the No Trousers Tube Ride?

This is the first time the event has taken place since Covid, and even more excitingly, it’s the first time that people will be able to go trouserless on the Lizzie line. But why go trouser-free on the London Underground at all? Well, why not?

It is as simple as it sounds. Once riders are inside the tube station, they’ll strip to their Y-fronts (or similar) and board the train. And this is the crucial part – the whole point is to act like everything is normal, apart from you’ve got no bottoms on. Check your phone, listen to a podcast, read a book, just do it all sans kecks. 

When is the No Trousers Tube Ride?

The big tube ride kicks off on January 8 2023 at 3pm. 

How can I take part?

To join the pantsless gang, head to the meeting place (still fully clothed at this point) at Newport Place in Chinatown, WC2H 7JR, by 3pm on January 8. Event organisers will then lead groups to nearby tube stations. 

The exact route of the trouserless tour won’t be announced ahead of time as organisers are keen that only true kecks-free fanatics turn up. Naturists, take heed, underwear IS required. That also means no thongs or banana hammocks, please. Just think about the people who have to sit on that seat after you.

Nevertheless, you’ll never feel so liberated.

No Trousers Tube Ride, Newport Place, WC2H 7JR. January 8 2023, 3pm.

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