There’s a new underground hotel in London

The Zedwell hotel chain has opened a new location. But this time, it’s going underground. 

Located on Great Russell Street, in Bloomsbury, the hotel is supplying Londoners with a welcome break from the chaos of the city. Ensconced in windowless cocoons, guests will experience a place that feels a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road. 

With various amenities from ambient lighting to showers that feel like rainfall, the space is obviously putting a heavy emphasis on the whole ‘peaceful vibes’ thing. It seems to be a pretty sparse hotel, for central London, with the venue promoting positive health and comfort. Zedwell even got psychologists and other well-being-esque experts to have their input in the creation of the sleep-centred environment. The minimalist design removes technology and clutter with the hope of encouraging uninterrupted sleep. Sounds lush! 

London’s only underground hotel has rooms ranging from solo spaces to a whopping eight-person gathering. Great, you can get your whole family involved. Zedwell Tottenham Court Road is currently up and running with prices starting at £125. So, next time you’re wandering around the whirl of the British Museum, just know respite is a few feet underground. 

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