This London postcode is officially the highest-earning in the UK

It’s no great secret that London is significantly wealthier than much of the rest of the UK. Not only do we have some of the highest rents and Britain’s first neighbourhood with an average income of £100,000, our city even has its own higher Living Wage.

And now a new study has confirmed all that once again. In October employment site Adzuna scoured over a million job vacancies in postcodes across the UK, ranking them all by average salary in order to reveal the highest-paying places in the country.  

In perhaps the least surprising news of the year, EC in the City of London was named the UK’s highest-paying postcode. This particular area of London’s financial hub apparently has an average advertised pay of £56,497.

Equally unsurprising was just how many London postcodes featured in Adzuna’s ranking, with the city taking the top five spots in the list. SW came second with an average of £45,106, SE came third with £42,452, WC was fourth with £39,117 and W came fifth with £38,853.

It’s worth mentioning, obviously, that these are massive postcode areas. Adzuna’s ranking didn’t dive into different postcodes within EC (like EC1, EC2 etc) or any of the others in the ranking.

In non-London news, Leeds was revealed as the place with the highest salaries in the UK. You can read more about that here – and you can read Adzuna’s study for yourself here.

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