Waterstones Piccadilly has had a dazzling makeover

London has bookshops for every kind of bookworm, from awesome architectural literary havens like Daunt in Marylebone to second-hand goldmines like Judd Books in King’s Cross. But there’s only one bookshop that can claim to be the city’s biggest – and that’s Waterstones in Piccadilly, which has a whopping eight miles of shelves.

In fact, Waterstones Piccadilly isn’t just the biggest bookstore in London: it’s the biggest in all of Europe. And it’s currently in the midst of a massive revamp. The store’s building, which dates back to the 1930s, is gradually getting a makeover that intends to both give it a bit of TLC and help preserve its historic features.

The store announced on Twitter/X that it recently completed its first floor, which has been spruced up to look brighter and swisher.

Next for a glow-up are the second half of the first floor and the second floor, which, once done, we’re sure will look just as glorious as the rest of the makeover so far.

Did you see that this 226-year-old London bookshop is now a viral hit on TikTok?

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