What cost-of-living crisis? Harrods is selling £750 Christmas crackers

Some people live a life that is so far from the reality of us normies that it’s hard to comprehend. While most of us are refusing to put on the heating and cycling everywhere to save money, others are buying a box of Christmas crackers that is more than some people’s monthly rent. 

In Harrods, you can buy a set of six ‘Luxury Christmas Crackers’ for a cool £750. On its website, Harrods calls the crackers ‘a little more elevated’ than your usual ones filled with flimsy paper hats and bad jokes. ‘Elevated’ is an understatement. Inside the crackers you’ll find Cowshed bath oil, an ST  Dupont ballpoint pen, Christofle ornaments, or D’Orsay perfume. Dupont pens cost between £250 and £1,500, so in this case, it’s a bargain. Inside the elegant blue-and-white crackers are also vouchers offering £50 off Cowshed, D’Orsay and ST Dupont products at Harrods.

For the more modest shopper, the store also sells a box of crackers for £129, with prizes including cookie cutters, a tie clip, a mini grater and a silver shoehorn.

It’s hard to imagine exactly who is going to be dropping the better part of a grand on Christmas crackers, these goods are surely reserved for the likes of celebrities and the mega-rich elite. We’ll stick to our box of Poundland goodies, thanks. After all, what is Christmas without crappy jokes, paper hats and a fortune-teller fish?

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