Aldi is planning to open at least 60 new stores in London

There aren’t many things that excite Londoners more than a Big Supermarket. Food shopping in the capital is a pain: more often than not, we’re forced to cobble together our groceries from subpar Tesco Metros, cornershops and astronomical organic delis. But in some very good news, Aldi has plans to open AT LEAST 60 new stores in London, hoping to double its offering in the capital. Huzzah!

And these aren’t going to be diddy Aldis – the plan is to open stores that are the standard 20,000 sq ft with 100 dedicated parking spaces. The new Aldis will also create around 2,400 jobs.

Despite being the fourth biggest grocery chain in the UK, the German-owned supermarket is underrepresented in London apparently owing to a lack of suitable sites. It’s still on the hunt for new locations to host the stores: Aldi is even offering a finders fee of 1.5 percent of a freehold price or 10 percent of the first year’s rent for leasehold site to people who can recommend a previously unknown location. 

Ben Shotter, regional managing director at Aldi, said: ‘We strongly believe that access to affordable, high-quality food is a right, not a privilege. But we’re conscious that there are still many areas, particularly in the capital and within the M25, that don’t have access to an Aldi.

‘As a result, too many people have to make do with big prices at the big supermarkets. We want to give more people a new Aldi store with our award-winning products at unbeatable prices. We are looking for locations across the UK, but particularly in London.’

See you in the middle aisle!

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