An e-bike proficiency scheme has been launched in London

Always pictured yourself whipping around London on a fancy electric bike, but too scared of the frankly hair-raising roads? You could take part in a newly launched free e-bike cycling proficiency scheme, designed to help people gain confidence cycling in the capital. Whoopee. 

Despite the growing popularity of electric bikes like Lime, a national survey found that 67 percent of people do not feel confident cycling in cities. To remedy this, Netherlands-based bike subscription company Swapfiets is bringing free one-day cycling courses to Londoners of all cycling levels. The firm says the course is similar to the national CBT course motorcyclists must undergo to become road legal.

Run by cycling safety professionals, it will offer different classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Attendees will learn basic road safety such as signalling and emergency stopping in a closed-off area, before going out to practice on quiet London streets. Beginner classes are designed for people who haven’t cycled since childhood, while advanced lessons will teach you how to cycle on a multi-lane roads, pass queuing traffic, and navigate roundabouts, junctions and traffic lights.

Swapfiets co-founder Richard Burger said: ‘Riding in any major city can often feel daunting due to busy roads, buses, and complex road layouts. By preparing our cyclists with the skills necessary to navigate the city, we hope to give people the power to own the city with confidence.’

Sign up for the course taking place in Shoreditch online

Swapfiets London Cycling School, April 29. National Centre for Circus Arts, Hoxton Square, N1 6NU. Free.

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