Citymapper is now offering air-conditioned route choices

Time to update your Citymapper app; there’s a new feature in town. 

Traditionally, Brits will complain about anything. It‘s finally hot and sunny in the capital and all we can do is complain about it.  In fairness, sweaty tube journeys really aren’t the one. So Citymapper is helping out with a new option that shows which routes through the capital are fully air conditioned. 

Despite the fact that only a handful of London tube lines feature air conditioning (Circle, District, Elizabeth, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan,) the option works very well. When we tried it out it was able to recommend an alternative, cooler route to most central London destinations. For further-away places you might just have to brave it and endure a bit of sweltering heat, as the above lines sadly can’t reach everywhere (yet!). 

To find this new tool, search your destination as usual and scroll down to the ‘with air conditioning’ tab and be on your merry way. The route might be a longer trip with slight detours but at least you’re avoiding the humidity, and honestly who doesn’t mind skipping the dreaded Central line, whenever possible.

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