Locals are sharing their biggest London icks

London: middle-class parents commute into it, upper-class students move out of it (and then beeline straight back to Clapham upon return), the bus is always late, the strikes are on again, and you just spent £4 or more on a coffee. But you keep at it – for the culture, for the buzz, and to be in the city where it all happens. 

There’s a heavy branch of low-hanging fruit: the people are rude, the pavements are dirty and there are too many Prets. But what are the specific things that push us Londoners to our limits, that have us leaning our heads against tube windows wistfully and considering a train from Paddington to anywhere but here? 

Well, that’s the question Twitter user @theashrb posed when he asked our biggest icks about London. What are the things about the city itself and the people in it that could send you packing?

Sometimes CityMapper says 40 mins on a good day!

Why is it the same as after you’ve left a three-day festival?

This one might be the same in most cities, but that’s a discussion for another day.

*It’s more icky when they unsuccessfully try and shove the wheelie bags into the overhead compartment.

Here’s one for the practical thinkers with soft hair:

We have places to be!

Why is it square?

Will Elf Bars finally die a death in 2023?

Madonna’s 40th anniversary, greatest-hits tour is coming to London