London’s getting a huge new photography gallery

A brand new, three-storey photography gallery is due to open in Jermyn Street in central London this month, and guess what? It’s free. Founded by renowned art dealer James Hyman, the Centre for British Photography will feature work from 1900 through to the present day, with a focus on artists living and working in this country. There will be outside curators, collaborations with regional museums and community events, all with photography at their heart.

The gallery is opening in late January with two main exhibitions. The first, ‘Headstrong: Women and Empowerment’, is a collaboration with Fast Forward, an organisation that promotes photography by women and non-binary people. The other exhibition is ‘The English at Home’, an exploration of us lot in our private spaces, all drawn from the Hyman Collection. Alongside those two shows will be smaller displays of work by photographers and artists like Heather Agyepong and the brilliant Jo Spence. 

Exhibitions will change throughout the year, and a programme of talks and events is due to be announced too. Alongside The Photographers’ Gallery, the V&A Photography Centre and the vast amount of photography-specific galleries, London has become a photography lover’s paradise lately. 

The Centre for British Photography, Jermyn Street. Opens Jan 26. Free. More information here.

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