London’s legendary Batman-themed restaurant just got an ‘iceberg lounge’

If an homage to Gotham City tucked away under the streets of Soho wasn’t exciting enough, hold on to your cowls. There’s an all-new ‘Iceberg Lounge’ that’s just opened, courtesy of The Penguin himself. 

London’s DC-inspired restaurant Park Row last Friday (November 10) launched a menu of Japanese cocktails and dishes inspired by the villainous Oswald Cobblepot, and it sounds rather luxurious. 

Who says being a villain has to be a life of wretched food? At this place, you’ll gorge on grandeur – The Penguin does love seafood, after all. 

The large circular bar in the centre of the restaurant has been transformed into an opulent spot to enjoy oysters and caviar, and there’s a new champagne counter at the front of the venue, too. Fancy. 

Thanks to chef Raymond Cheplin, the restaurant will be graced with a whole host of exciting dishes. Some Gotham-inspired highlights include mushroom umbrella-shaped parfait and ‘scare’ crow-croquettes with gochujang aioli. There’s even a truffle tuna tartare, but we’re not so sure about that

Alongside some live music and desserts which reference the iconic likes of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, Park Row sounds like a whole lot more than just your average dinner out. Fancy a trip to Gotham City? You can have a look at the website here. 

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