London’s legendary no-trousers tube ride returns this weekend

New Years’ resolution to be more body confident? Well, the opportunity might strike sooner than you expected. Exhibitionists rejoice: the 11th Annual No Trousers Tube Ride is back this Sunday, January 7. 

Meeting in Newport Place (a large square in Chinatown) at 2:45pm, the group will then descend to the Underground and de-robe to their underpants at 3pm. Make sure to get this order of events right – it’ll be blustery out there this weekend. 

The pantless party will then simply ride around the tube for a bit, and – this is the key part – act like everything is totally normal. 

Organisers ask that participants’ sartorial choices for their underwear be kept as low-key as possible, in keeping with the idea that it will look like a mass of people have just forgotten to wear their trousers. Just remember to not go commando that day. 

The No Trousers Tube Ride began in 2009, inspired by the No Pants Subway Ride started in New York in 2002. After being forced to take a two year hiatus thanks to the pandemic, this year will be the Tube Ride’s second consecutive return. 

The free event is ‘just for the sake of fun’ according to organisers, and participants do so at their own risk (of chafing against the Victoria Line’s prickly seats, aside from anything else).

Further details about the No Trousers Tube Ride can be found on the Facebook page here.

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