Prince Charles Cinema won't change its name for new king, but these places will

Prince Charles Cinema is better known for boozy all-night movie marathons than making political statements, but it delighted its loyal (and sleep-deprived regulars) this week when it proudly announced that it had no intention of bowing down to our new monarch. ‘No, we are not changing our name,’ its marquee now reads in proud black letters. Thank god for that.

And how did the cinema follow up its tweet about their refusal to name change? With some movies you can see there on Saturday, instead of the wall-to-wall telly corrie naish coverage, including Evil Dead Rises’ and deeply disturbing art horror classic Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom’.

Coronation or Salo. Both stomach churning.’ replied one commenter.

But not every London landmark has that kind of invigorating anti-establishment spirit. Here are the places that are actually changing their name:

Her Majesty’s Theatre

The stained glass on the front of this venerable West End playhouse has already been changed to read His Majesty’s, but the big switcheroo hasn’t been made official yet. Still, given that the venue’s owned by ardent royalist Andrew Lloyd Webber – who’s even taken it upon himself to compose a coronation anthem he hopes will be sung in churches across the land – you can bet there’ll be substantial amounts of fanfare involved in its grand unveiling.  And perhaps as much drama as the famous chandelier drop in the venue’s resident spectacular, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

Premier Inn

Not content with paying Sir Lenny Henry to swan about in pyjamas, Premier Inn has another publicity stunt up its gold and purple sleeves. This weekend, the Bank branch is temporarily rebranding as cor-inn-nation with special signage, guards standing to attention at its entrance, and presumably hordes of guests ready to salute the new king, whether they’re wide awake on Pall Mall or fast asleep in a king-size bed.

Signal Brewery

Okay, these Croydon beermakers haven’t gone for a full rebrand, but they have decided to wheel out a special brew of the big weekend. Signal Brewery has deigned to celebrate King Charles III’s new hat by brewing a special Kingmaker ale that they describe as light, zesty and somewhat regal. Sounds like they missed a trick by making it just somewhat regal,’ because The Firm only sent little-known junior royal Prince William to pull the first pint on his royal walkabout round Soho yesterday, instead of the big man himself. Better luck next time, guys!

Go to these coronation events and you’ll have really something to tell the grandkids about – apart from the bunions, that is.

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