Saoirse-Monica Jackson on the best thing she’s ever seen in London

The extremely talented and funny Saoirse-Monica Jackson knows what it’s like to get up on stage and charm the theatre fans of London. After all, she knocked it out the park in the West End transfer of Jez Butterworth’s ‘The Ferryman’ back in 2017. However, the ‘Derry Girls’ star was nevertheless utterly blown away when she saw one particular production a few years ago.

‘Jodie Comer doing “Prima Facie” at the Harold Pinter Theatre,’ she says in the latest episode of Time Out’s ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ podcast. ‘It was the best live performance I’ve ever seen. And it was the most moved I’ve ever seen an audience as well. It was such a feeling of connection in the room and for a one-woman show she just held it together the whole way through.’

The ‘Killing Eve’ actor starred in the one-woman play back in 2022. On top of a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance Comer eventually also picked up a Tony Award for the role, once the play transferred to Broadway.

‘I had to just walk around Soho and the West End after I came out the theatre, just doing laps,’ says Saoirse. ‘I was so taken aback by what I’d just seen. She’s an absolute powerhouse and it was such a beautiful script.’

If you want to hear Saoirse-Monica Jackson chat about Scouse House pubs, cream cakes and her favourite (and least-favourite) chips in London have a listen to this week’s ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’ podcast.

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