There’s a house for sale and it has a castle in the garden

What does every home need? A backyard castle, of course! There’s a house for sale in Abbey Wood that’s got a fortress in the garden, so you can create your own mini kingdom.  

Comparatively cheap compared to most palaces, this regal residence is going for £550,000. The three-bed terraced house in southeast London has a newly fitted modern kitchen, two reception rooms, one bathroom, and the all-important fort in the back garden. 

Before you get too excited, the stone castle is only small and is more of a decorative feature than an actual medieval residence. But it has got stained glass windows and turrets, which is pretty cool. The listing by estate agent John Payne says it would be ideal for ‘an applicant with children’. The stone structure is found at the end of the lawn with flower and shrub borders.

Sadly no moat on this fortress, but you could always put that in yourself.

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