These are the films Keanu Reeves thinks everyone should watch

Keanu Reeves is famously the nicest guy in Hollywood. When negotiating his contract for the Matrix sequels, he arranged for a percentage of his cut to go to employees in the special-effects department, costing him – wait for it – $75 million. He’s also the kind of A-lister who will up at your local for a beer and shepherd’s pie and be friendly to everyone there.

But Reeves also knows a thing or two about film. The actor has been in his fair share of iconic films including The MatrixPoint BreakSpeed, the criminally underrated Constantine, and latterly the John Wick movies. Some might argue is the perfect person to recommend some other movie bangers. 

Carrie-Anne Moss, aka Trinity from The Matrix, is one of them. As reported by Esquire, she asked Reeves for a list of movies she should watch with her teenagers – and the great man did not disappoint. 

There are a good mix of cult classics, like A Clockwork Orange, and comedies, like Raising Arizona.

These are the films that made the cut: 

The Neon Demon

A Clockwork Orange


The Bad Batch

Dr. Strangelove

Seven Samurai


Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

The Evil Dead

Raising Arizona

The Big Lebowski

La Femme Nikita 

The Professional (Léon)

Young Frankenstein

Blazing Saddles

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Road Warrior: Mad Max 2

How many of them have you seen and what would be on your list?

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