These four London boroughs have the longest life expectancy in the UK

In London there are quite a few things that could make our lives shorter. The air quality isn’t great, a lot of our jobs are pretty stressful, and then there’s the peril of being hit by a double-decker bus. And yet, some London boroughs have taken the top four places for the highest life expectancies in the country, according to one study

London boroughs Westminster, Camden, Harrow and Barnet have the four highest life expectancies in the UK, according to the study by Psychic World. The west and north London boroughs beat Buckinghamshire, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire which were also in the top 10. 

Westminster and Camden both have overall life expectancies of 85, four years more than the national average of 81.2 years. Harrow and Barnet weren’t far behind with average life expectancies of 83.95 and 83.75, respectively. 

What’s more, is women were expected to have longer lives in all four boroughs. If you’re a woman who wants a long life, better move to Camden, where the average life expectancy is 87.7 years old, over 6 years more than the UK average.

The study also took into account health. According to the research, men in Westminster can expect to spend 78.3 percent of their lives in ‘good health’ (which clinicians define as the absence of disease). Women in the borough can expect to live 74.9 percent of their lives in ‘good health’. 

Not all London boroughs were full of healthy people living long lives, however. Barking and Dagenham had an overall life expectancy of ​​79.4, two years below the UK average. 

Research from Age Watch suggests that some Londoners may live longer because there is more financial stability, which if poor can impact mental health and stress. Lower financial stability can also lead to smoking and alcohol abuse and create more health issues.

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